Talking Wolof with Da'African Village

Talking Wolof with Da'African Village: A Speaker's Guide to Senegal, West Africa

Talking Wolof with Da'African Village by Serigne "Mara" Diakhate was inspired by many years of serving as a tour guide, and leading thousands of tourists from the United States and Europe to his homeland of Senegal, and other countries within West Africa including: The Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Ghana and Guinea. Well known in the travel and tourism industry, Mara has guided celebrities such as Serena Williams, Jessie Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Ky-Mani Marley, Jimmy Cliff and many others. It was during this time that Mara realized the need to create a comprehensive book entitled Talking Wolof with Da'African Village that helps those traveling abroad to communicate more effectively with the people of West Africa.


Vozolo Dance Company is proud to present to you Atito Gohi's Ivory Coast African Dance Instructional DVD. The DVD features traditional Ivory Coast dances and rhythms: n'goron, gbe gbe, abodan and zaouli. It is the first of it's kind in the world! 

Vozolo Dance Company is a Las Vegas-based professional troupe founded by Atito Gohi. The company is co-directed by master drummer, Eric Bli Bi Gore. Atito and Eric both have more than 25 years of professional African drum/dance, performance and theatrical production experience in venues spanning across the globe.