Mara Sandals

Designed by Mara, our handcrafted sandals are waterproof, durable  and extremely comfortable.

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Talking Wolof with Da'African Village

Talking Wolof by Seigne "Mara" Diakhate was inspired by many years of serving as a tour guide. Mara has and continues to lead thousands of tourists from the US and Europe to his homeland of Senegal, and other countries in West Africa including: The Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Ghana and Guinea. 

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Atito Gohi's West African Dance Instructional DVD

Choreographed by Atito Gohi, master dancer and drummer, this African dance DVD features live drumming from master drummers Aiyatoro, Eric Bli Bi Gore and Tra Bi Lizie, and traditional dances such as n'goron, abodan, zaouli and gbe gbe.

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New Year's Eve Pilgrimage to the Motherland - Senegal & The Gambia

Experience West Africa by touring the Motherland with Da'African Village, and! We will visit places such as Gorée Island, the unusual Pink Lake, the Roots village of Kunta Kinte and so much more! 



‘Africa Love’ is simply that – a store that showcases all that we love about Africa.

Our Africa Love Story

Africa Love is simply that – a store that showcases all that we love about Africa. It is a collection of the best of what Africa has to offer by way of art, instruments, bags, baskets, clothing, sandals and décor. By Africans, for the world!

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The mission of Da' African Village is to foster a cultural exchange between Africa and the world

Da'African Village

The mission of Da'African Village is to foster a cultural exchange between Africa and the world, while developing sustainable communities by way of commerce, community involvement, musical performances and education.

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Weekly Drum Classs & Other Events

Join us and master drummers from West Africa every Friday from 6:30 – 8 p.m for our African Drum Class. This kid friendly event is educational, and provides a night full of fun for the entire family. You can bring your own drum or rent one from us. 


Africa Love

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Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 9 PM

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