Mud Cloth-Starry Night

Mud Cloth-Starry Night

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Product Information: Handspun and handwoven in Mali, our mud cloths are painted with natural dyes that are made from mud and plants. Narrow strips of handwoven cotton are stitched together into a whole cloth, then painted with patterns and symbols using a variety of natural dyes, including river mud that has been aged up to one year.

Each piece is strikingly unique, and has a story to tell. Even the arrangement of the symbols on the cloth reveals something secret about the intended meaning, and this language of the cloth is passed down from mother to daughter.

  • Photos are only representative. No two styles are alike, each design varies.
  • Mud cloth can be washed in cold water without much color loss. However, the dyes are natural and may wash out over time, dry cleaning is preferable


Size L x W
Small 67" x 41"
Large 85" x 60"