Welcome to the vendor page for A Touch of Africa Las Vegas celebration. Our mission to educate and unite local communities with the African diaspora through African song, dance, drum and culture, as well as elevate local small businesses by giving them a platform through which they can shine.

Existing vendors please contact our VIP/ Vendor & Sponsor Relations Manager, Ifayomi Stanton, at 702.782.3515 for any questions/concerns you may have

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A Touch of Africa Las Vegas Vendor Package 

A Touch of Africa Las Vegas vendors will rent space from Africa Love and Da'African Village in the lobby of the Clark County Library Theater on Saturday, August 10 and at the UNLV Department of Dance on Sunday, August 11, 2019.  

Saturday, August 10, 2019
Vendor Set-up time: 3 p.m. (Must be completed by 6 p.m.
Tear-down time: Must end by 10 p.m. sharp.

Saturday, August 11, 2019
Vendor Set-up time:9 a.m. (Must be completed by 10 a.m.) 
 Tear-down time: Must end by 8 p.m. sharp.

  • Platinum Vendors ( Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 11) - $150.00 (SOLD OUT)
  • Gold Vendors (Saturday, Aug. 10) -  $100.00 (SOLD OUT)
  • Resource Table (Sunday, Aug. 11) $40.00


2nd Annual A Touch of Africa Las Vegas Celebration

Omi 4Logo

Omi 4

Omi 4 was founded in 1994 by Master Seamstress, Lukumi Priestess and dancer, Tina Smith. Omi 4 designs and creates African inspired clothing, accessories and gifts for children and adults. Products include: dresses, grand bubus, raffia skirts, waist beads, lapas, hats, geles and pillows. Omi 4 also designs costumes for schools and theatres dance productions & performances.

Bella Natural Life Scents Logo

Bella Natural Life Scents is committed to using all that nature has to offer and produce the purest and cleanest natural products. Bella Natural Life Scents is an ALL-NATURAL, VEGAN health and beauty company committed to using only the freshest and safest ingredients in all of their products. Logo

Afro'tique is an Afrocentric boutique located in Las Vegas. The boutique carries a wide selection of Afro-wear, accessories, skin & health products, and specializes in custom African print sewing services. AFRO'TIQUE also hosts fashion shows in the Vegas area and provides private styling services for music videos, movies, events and more.

xsqisitsana Logo

Sana Williams is an artist who uses fabrics, paints & trims to express her creativity through Xsqists Designs by Sana. She custom designs clothing, jewelry & accessories such as hats, wraps & bags. She creates wearable art, in addition to, home decor items such as wall hangings, curtains, comforter covers and more. She loves African fabrics and tries to express her passion for them through her creations.

Calabar Kitchen Logo

Enjoy authentic Nigerian dishes from the Calabar region of Nigeria with Calabar Kitchen. Dishes such as Edikangikong (vegetable soup), Afang Soup, Fisherman's Soup, Jollof Rice, Engusi Soup can all be enjoyed at Calabar Kitchen. INDULGE!

Corinthia Peoples Designs Logo

Corinthia Peoples Designs offers FINE handcrafted jewelry made exclusively with fine metals, semi-precious gemstones & sterling silver. Collections by the talented, Corinthia Peoples are high-quality, made with superior craftsmanship, uncompromising artistry, and bold originality. Stop by her booth and "Reveal YOUR essence!"

MB Boutique & Things Logo

MB's Boutique and Things  specializes in women's swimwear, cover-ups, and scarfs. Looking for something cute and complimentary for the next pool party? Make sure to check out MB's Boutique And Things!

UnCommon Sense Logo

"Doing a common thing in an uncommon way" is what drives Hanif Riley of Uncommon Sense to design his unique jewelry. From adornments for drummers and dancers to everything cowrie shell - there'll be so much to choose from. Make sure you stop by his booth to pick up a gift item for a loved one or for yourself!

ZDDL Accessories & Apparel Logo

ZDDL is a African, Native American inspire brand with a hippy Bohemian style. Owner Angelina Lanae custom makes  and designs each piece in it's own unique way, not one is exactly the same, she calls them conscious creations. Her designs are handmade, head beaded, custom painted and designed with 100% Kente cloth made in Accra, Ghana  and Nigeria.  

Blissful Therapy Logo

Lashelle Whitmore of Blissful Therapy creates affordable and natural skin care products that treats and heal. Looking for something to cure that eczema or psoriasis look no further than to Ms. Lashelle and her amazing products! 

Coral Afrique Logo

Coral Afrique's mission is to promote African designers, their contemporary designs and handiwork by giving them access to the global market. When you shop at Coral Afrique you are allowing the company to provide sustainable income to these African designers. You can find Coral Afrique at local events and pop-up shops throughout the Vegas valley.

MixxieMixologist Logo

Jahlisa prides herself on creating a lasting experience for all of her guest and clients by bringing an upscale, East Coast flavor to Sin City. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, with roots now planted in Las Vegas, Jahlisa is the founder and CEO at MixxieMixologist, an exclusive bar tending service catering to the needs of Las Vegans.

Jaire Logo

Ja’ire International Couture AKA Ja'ire is revered for creating wearable art; stunning fashions for the person who wants to be seen, admired and desired. Each piece is innovatively designed promoting individualism, art, and fantasy. It’s funk meets art meets couture. Always sexy, classy, daring and couture for those who want to make an unforgettable yet extraordinary impression.

Africa Love Logo

The Muyi Shop is a small but motivated company specializing in African and Ankara print inspired designs. We always keep an eye on the latest trends and put our customers’ wishes first. The meaning behind Muyi in the Benin language of Nigeria, means honor.  In Yoruba, it means to take this or take prestige/honor.

African Treasures Logo

African Treasures

African Treasures Logo

David Humphries